Incubator Pod Session 3

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Session Outcomes

  • To discuss ways to both give and receive effective feedback
  • To examine ways to handle critical feedback (that may be hard to hear) and employ strategies to learn and grow
  • To assess ways to give (difficult) feedback in a way that is effectual for the receipient
  • To build and grow relationships with individuals who make up this group

Incubator Pod 2.0 is built to be flexible and your group was designed to accommodate your schedule based on your availability.  We sincerely hope that this helps you to get the most out of your time together.  The session agendas are designed to get a conversation started, but we encourage you to adapt or change the meeting prompts/topics to meet your group’s interests and needs.

Choose one member of the group to moderate/lead the session and choose another person to serve as a timekeeper, to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to share during the session. 

10-15 minutes:                       
Quick Hits: This is an opportunity for individuals to bring up any active issues/problems/projects that they would like to get the group’s feedback, advice, or support on.  When sharing a “quick hit”, please be clear on what type of feedback you would like to get from your group so that they can best support you.

40-45 minutes:                      
Sharing on giving/receiving feedback.  Here are some questions to help get you started:

  • Share some tips/tricks about giving good feedback.  What are some things that you have found that work well?
  • Share a time where you may have received difficult or hard to hear feedback and how you learned from this.
  • What are some stratigies you employ when giving feedback to a trainee or mentee, particularly if that feedback is of a critical nature? What about giving feedback to a peer or colleague?
  • Are there any resouces you have used to help become more effective at giving or receiving feedback?
  • Discuss some stratigies about effectively integrating feedback in to the mentor/mentee (or trainee) relationship (e.g. setting the timing or cadence of feedback, location, etc).
  • What approaches do you take when giving feedback to individuals from different racial, gender, or generational backgrounds from yourself?

5 minutes:                              
Wrap up and confirm timing of next session – Michelle Lifto can help with this. Of note, next session in 2 months on interviewing skills.